Just friends?

Hi guys! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡  it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. So,gather around children :3 because its story time! Caution: do not read unless you want a sob story XD worthy of a diary.But this is serious(ish) I have a friend who’s a guy.He’s amazing,and we talk about anime,video games,memes,and general stupidity.He has a slight […]


Heyyo! IT ME I’m going to Norway and Sweden and Iceland on Friday!! WOOP WOOP So life is pretty good these days except for my depression(>”<) yeah why? So! I don’t know what to write.Most of my posts these days are extremely random 😅 So I’m just gonna put in links to songs that I […]

clarifications(read this if you want,dont if you dont)

ey, about my last post, you guys must be confuzzled. i want you guys(whoevers reading this) to know that whoever you are,whether gay,lesbian,pansexual,or straight,whether white or black,potato,or stick,religious or not,I FREAKING LOVE YOU if being true to whover you are will cause problems @home,my sympathy goes out to you. just remember- this place is a […]

(Insert title here)life update + HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!

heyyo, first of all,here’s a life update———> so im happier these days,cause you know what,ITS FREAKING SUMMER im in decoration making camp(ikr,sounds girly,but trust me its only half girly.) so i dont have much depression these days,(yay!) emphasis on the word *much* and for my bday were going to a freaking OH WONDER CONCERT IN […]

stuff and things and stuff

hiya seafoxes, the past weeks i haven’t been how i used to be,and i’m hungry for some reason.here is some random things i would like to share with you guys.   Top 8 things that are(in my opinion) lifesavers 1.FOOD(indian food yum) 2.friends(kowi,i’m looking at you) 3.Music.here’s some of my favorite songs to listen to: […]


hey guys,its seafox.sorry i havent posted in a while.a lot of stuff has gone on when i was away. 1.some of you guys probably already know this but im struggling with depression. im ok.i really am life goes on im ok but inside it  kinda hurts im getting help.i dont know how in the world […]