hey guys,its seafox.sorry i havent posted in a while.a lot of stuff has gone on when i was away.

1.some of you guys probably already know this but im struggling with depression.

im ok.i really am

life goes on

im ok

but inside

it  kinda hurts

im getting help.i dont know how in the world i could keep up my happy face,if it wern’t for my friends,and my family,and LDShadowLady,and instagram,and books and music and trombone,and youtube,

inside it feels like i have a person within me who is contradicting everything i know which is right,

when i feel this way,

i turn to seafox blog

im fine

im fine

im fine

im fine

im fine

i keep telling myself

and about 50 % i can make myself believe it

but the rest,i stop

and feel nothing

these days,im in an ok mood,but

other times in in anything but

i can talk sometimes

and smile sometimes

and feel happy sometimes

and be alive. 99 % of the time

life goes by

its a  veryy complicated thing,life

thank you readers of the internet

and snowy plover (check her blog out! snowy plover derp)

and apple

and eclair

and kowi

and sake

i love you guys

you guys mean so much to me

do i to you?

i hope so

did that sound selfish?

it probably did

im sorry if it did

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

im definetly tiring you out with all this strolling.

anyways i’m glad i have you guys as lifelines 🙂

did i freak you out with all that luvey-duvry?ok ill stop.

ilysm seafoxes ❤

see ya later bby ,


random music stuff

Halsey -Colors(Audien Remix)


Hellberg – The Girl(ft CZ)


Flume – Say it (Illenium Remix)


Paris and Simo – Reunite ft Patrick Moreno and Aloma Steele(Galloway Remix)


bby ❤

my mood these days


13 thoughts on “CHANGE

  1. I’m sorry…. Glad it’s getting better! Even if only a little bit. You mean SO MUCH to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you…. That drawing was cute. I like to think that she’s just thinking, and not sad or anything… I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. It’s not selfish to want people to love you (I want everyone to love me…. like my family and friends I meant… not like GB.)… I LOVE YOU!!! So much. You’re my bestest friend, and you and Apple are the bestest best friends in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!! It’s not sappy. It’s…. nice. (Sorry. Line from a book. Can’t remember the title. This comment is probably really long and annoying…


      1. Kinda both.I still have depression,but the comment did not annoy me:) but I still have depression,but thank god it hasnt gotten to that point.


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