clarifications(read this if you want,dont if you dont)


about my last post,

you guys must be confuzzled.

i want you guys(whoevers reading this) to know that whoever you are,whether gay,lesbian,pansexual,or straight,whether white or black,potato,or stick,religious or not,I FREAKING LOVE YOU

if being true to whover you are will cause problems @home,my sympathy goes out to you.

just remember-

this place is a safe place

i completely support everyone (except donald trump,who’s mean)

if you need to talk to someone,im here šŸ™‚

now,go out and be you ^0^ ^3^

ps,about my last post


if you dont want to comment,that’s fine.i completely accept that.i will to you wanna hear it? if you don’t,*click away now.*

have you clicked away?


im waiting………..
























it’s the 5th.i love you all.if you dont want to accept me,that’s ok.i still love you ^0^

if your suprised,and you tell everybody i know,i hope you don’t do that.plz.time only heals a heart

now!go out and have fun!

stay strong,seafoxes.

your seafox


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