Heyyo! IT ME

I’m going to Norway and Sweden and Iceland on Friday!! WOOP WOOP

So life is pretty good these days except for my depression(>”<)

yeah why?
So! I don’t know what to write.Most of my posts these days are extremely random 😅

So I’m just gonna put in links to songs that I like.Have fun listening😆

FLETCHER-Wasted Youth(Noah.Remix)

Aire Atlantica – Make You Mine (feat. Ameria)

Lexxmatiq – Surrender (feat. Mia Vaile)

Mercy X – Caught Fire (feat. Ashley Lawless)

Nurko – Let Me Go (feat. Alina Renae)

Falling In Reverse – “Superhero”

APEK ft. KARRA – Traces

Tritonal – Anchor [Unlike Pluto Remix]

Mickey Valen – Meet Me ft. Noé

No Sleep – Born To Lose ft. Gia Koka


Have a great summer!<3

Seafox >0<







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