My new site!

Hi guys, I came up with my new site.It’s still in it’s developing stage,but I hope it works out well. Here’s the URL Moi fundraiser site   Thanks, Seafox XD XD XD XD derp Advertisements


Hi guys, Before I go on,let meprefix this by saying that if any of you guys are Trump supporters or at least Republicans,I’m sorry.  Donald Trump passed an order that said that greencard holder immigrants from some 7 countries like Libya,Yemen,Egypt,Syria,and Iraq will be banned from entering the U.S. for some 120 days or something […]

Mincecraft,no Minecraft?what?

If any of you peeps want my Minecraft username,its LadyRaindrop…… also you should join the youtuber SmallishBeans multiplayer server BeanBlockz(go to multiplayer,direct connect,and then type this into the box.,then click join.You’ll get a compass which you have to right click and then click any of the items….you can choose from Creative,Survival,Factions,Skyblock(which I currently play […]

Bored to tears(literally)

Hi guys, Today was a weird day. This is what I did today. Watched TV, read, did Khan Academy, played vanilla Minecraft(instead of my usual 1.10.2 modded singleplayer) where I got two new llamas named Bailey and Lara. Ate, watched LDShadowlady. did Khan Academy, repeat.I was bored to tears in the morning, and I think […]


Hero everybody!Its finally Christmas break/winter break and I am so happy a-zoid! I hope you have a freakin warm Christmas with lots of hot chocolate and no scrooges at all! Have an amazeballs Crimmuh and yuus. 

I’m a walrus!

There are people out there who cannot seem to feel cold no matter what.Unfortunately (not unfortunately at all,) I am one of them.50 degrees out?No problem!Ill wear a t shirt with leggings.Im like a walrus.except I dont have a layer of blubber under my skin.Then I  would be fat. This is dynmk,a channel for chill […]

Bagel fun!

Helllllllllooo Derpy Carrots! This is weird-a dude threw a piece of a bagel at me.Do you find that wierd or is that just me…. Do they like moi? That is not possible because I’m ugly and I lub it! My fave bagels are pizza bagels and garlic bagels Love, Seafox